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Raei machinery by the use of experienced staffs and day & night working succeeded in designing and manufacturing the first constant slope warping machine in Iran. promoting our brand in international markets with participating in international exhibitions and cooperating with Asian and European companies is one of our brilliant achievement

Introduction of Uin

Following strategies help us to promote our brand

  • Reducing delivery time
  • Keeping competitive cost
  • Improving relations with customers
  • Marketing on a worldwide
  • Keeping competitive quality and increasing customers’ satisfaction
  • Attracting customers’ attention and improving exports
  • Improving after-sale services and accelerating it
  • Creating secure and safe environment
  • Producing high quality products in the shortest time and lowest cost
Business Card
کارت ویزیت ماشین سازی راعی
Manufacturing of textile machines

Contact Numbers

  • 03142274246
  • 03142274999
  • 09130919405

Head office

  • Narenj St, Dehagh , Esfahan, Iran

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    ماشین سازی راعی
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    Raei machinery
    Raei machinery
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    Raei Machinery



    • Raei machinery succeeded in designing and manufacturing the first constant slope sectional warping machine.This company meets the needs of textile and carpet waving industry to a modern and update sectional warping machine, designs the first servo derive and servo motor with drum feature. This product attracted the visitor’s attention in exhibition 2006

    • Manufacturing selvedge printing machine under licence of Maag brothers CO, in Iran is one its brilliant achievement.

    Raei machinery
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