Benefits of Attending a Virtual Exhibition

Benefits of Attending a Virtual Exhibition:
B2B (Business to Business) Marketing is one of the most lucrative marketing methods in the business world. Although this topic is less known to ordinary users and customers, but today most of the world’s business transactions are done in this type of marketing.  In the B2C (Business to Consumer) model, the concept of B2C, which is one of the most popular and well-known sales models, the business customer is directly the consumer. That is, the company delivers its product directly to the end consumer through retailers and stores, or has sales representatives in various places. B2C transactions are shorter than B2B. B2B marketing or business-to-business as its name implies refers to business interactions between two different businesses. In this case, a business sells its products or services to another business or receives goods or services in return.
One of the most important benefits of B2B business is the high volume of exchanges and this is one of the benefits of B2B virtual industrial exhibitions. You can prepare a complete database of your customers by attending these exhibitions. Given that your customers in these exhibitions, not only are part of the consumer of the final product, but also a group has a business and is a customer of your goods or services. You can sign long-term contracts and plan for your production line by conducting initial business negotiations in cyberspace and then face-to-face negotiations with them, thereby boosting your business and making full use of your production capacity. In the virtual exhibition space, you can even make extensive use of the opinions and suggestions of customers and visitors in order to improve the quality, variety of products and the amount of your production, and it is possible for you to become a business partner with your customers in the supply chain. Make a targeted investment, which will not be possible in non-specialized and guild exhibitions. Also, in virtual exhibitions, you can plan in advance 24 hours a day without any limitations and visit the exhibition in a completely purposeful way. Therefore, manufacturing and specialized companies in this exhibition will benefit more; because while it is possible to have a complete review of specialized visitors to your booth and communicate with them, a number of these recognitions will lead to the conclusion of a contract.

Among the Features of the Specialized Virtual Exhibition of ISATEX EXPO, the Following Can be Mentioned:
Possibility of membership, registering orders, online payment, possibility of defining and registering booth by applicants, defining products in categories, registering products with text and image, possibility of registering news and articles related to booth owner, displaying customer lists, registering sales agents, managing menus and have an easy and practical user panel, possibility of receiving price inquiries, managing comments, suggestions and criticisms, possibility of categorizing products in relevant halls, registering and manage advertisement banner , sending emails and text messages to users, sending notifications and circulars to staff and site users, possibility of reporting visitors and order lists, defining access levels and permissions, and possibility of registering free advertisement and business opportunities based on access permissions.