Introduction of Sima Nassaj Co.

 Sima Nassaj Research & Engineering Co.
The group of researchers of this company has started its activity since 1997 with the name of Chemical Textile Industrial-Production Company in the field of production of textile raw materials and design and manufacture of dyeing laboratory equipment’s, printing and completion and on November 23, 2003, under the name of Sima Nassaj Research & Engineering Co. of Yazd, with the acquisition of a research license by the Ministry of Industry and as the first center with a license for textile research in Yazd province, continued their activities in specialized fields of textile industry.  This company entered the field of exhibition activities and exhibition industry with the ISATEX brand in 2005 and so far, has the honor of holding 28 international and specialized exhibitions in its work record.  Now, with the registration and establishment of Isatis Expo Virtual Specialized Exhibition (, which is the first virtual specialized exhibition in the field of textile and garment industry in the country, we have decided to create a radical change in this industry and exhibition industry in various fields. Researchers and specialists of this company are currently working with the aim of developing the country’s textile industry in various fields with a real attitude and belief about combining science and knowledge with industrial experiences, in order to solve various industry problems and create new technologies And they hope to be effective in the future prosperity of this industry by offering the following activities to the university community, the textile and garment industry of the country and related industries, as well as the field of marketing and domestic and foreign sales:

  1. Carrying out study and research projects in various fields of the textile and garment industry.
  2. Design and manufacture of textile laboratory machines according to the latest world standards.
  3. Automation of dyeing equipment and completion of textile industry.
  4. Scientific information center of textile and garment industry.
  5. Compilation of specialized books and educational pamphlets in various fields of textile and garment industry.
  6. Founder and organizer of International and Specialized Exhibitions of Textile Industry, Machine-Made Carpet, Garment and Related Industries of Yazd Province.
  7. Founder and organizer of Specialized Exhibitions for Mothers, Children, Infants, Adolescents and Educational Aid Industries in Yazd Province.
  8. Organizer of Design, Fashion, Garment and Accessory Events in the Country.
  9. Holding specialized courses and training workshops of textile industry.
  10. Providing various consulting services to the country’s textile factories.

We warmly shake your powerful hands in cooperation to serve the society of the textile and garment industry and the exhibition industry of the country.  We hope to see a bright future for this industry of our ancient country under the protection of the blessings of God Almighty and effort.

Records of Holding International and Specialized Exhibitions:
1. Holding the First National Exhibition of Machine Manufacturers and Producers of Textile Raw Materials in Yazd Province 20 May to 2 June 2000.
2. Founder and Organizer of 11 Specialized and International Exhibitions of Textiles, Leather and Garment in Yazd Province (ISATEX) Since 2006.
3. Organizer of 4 Independent Courses of Specialized Exhibition of Machine-Made Carpets, Rugs, Flooring and Related Industries in Yazd Province Since 2016.
4. Organizer of 3 Specialized Home Textile and Garment Exhibitions in Yazd Province Since 2017.
5. Founder and Organizer of 4 Specialized Exhibitions for Mothers, Infants, Children and Adolescents and Educational Supplies and Equipment in Yazd Province Since 2017.
6. Organizer of Alamod Fashion, Garment and Accessory Event in Yazd Province Since 2019.
7. Participation with the Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Organization of the Province in Holding a Specialized Entrepreneurship Exhibition in Yazd Province 15 to 21 November 2015.
8. Founder and Manager of the First Tourism Startup Weekend in Yazd Province 18 to 20 November, 2015, with the License of the Global Startup Weekend Institute.

Company Honors:
1- Has a Research License from the Ministry of Industry and as the First Center has a Textile Research License in Yazd Province, October 19, 2004.
2- Has a Technical Engineering License from the Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Yazd Province, March 3, 2010.
3- Founding Board and Member of Textile Machinery Association of Iran (TMAI) Since March 2014.
4- Member of the Society of Textile Specialists of Iran Since July 22, 2008.
5- Member of the Textile Industries Association of Yazd Province Since March 16, 2019.
6- Member of the Exhibitions Organizers Association of Yazd Province Since April 2011.
7- Member of Iranian Textile Association of Science and Technology (Faculty of Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University, Tehran) Since April 2015.
8- Member and Director of the Textile and Polymer Research Center of Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch, Since May 22, 2019.