Targets of Isatis Expo

Targets of Isatis Expo:

Holding an international and specialized exhibition is completely a specialized activity that requires appropriate knowledge, experience and technology. We are pleased that Sima Nessaj Company, with 15 years of experience and the use of specialized personnel, new knowledge and technical facilities, has been able to provide a wide range of services to its customers.
Exhibitions In addition to being a showcase for goods, is also a place of confrontation and dissemination of cultures and achievements of each nation. One of the effective ways to display the latest technological achievements of the country in the international arena is use of advanced technologies in holding virtual exhibitions. The presence of businessmen and investment companies in such exhibitions can cause acquaintance, holding meetings and agreements to increase sales and the level of exports of the country.
1- effective Presence in world trade
2- Gaining a global position in advanced technology
3- Achieving the first economic, scientific and technological position in the region of Southwest Asia
4- Providing a platform for quantitative and qualitative improvement of design, production, sale and export of Iranian products